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        16 May 2017, 12:31 pm

        Master the Basics! (Issue 67) by Tiamari

        Often, when people book Excel training with me, they are hoping to learn “advanced” formulas or super complex, mind-blowing, earth shattering techniques.

        However, it is often the simple stuff like keyboard shortcuts, mouse skills, and being familiar with the ribbon that makes all the difference.

        I’ve listed a few things that I find very helpful.


        Ctrl + ; will insert the current date.

        Ctrl + Shift + ; will insert the current time.

        Ctrl + ‘ will duplicate the data that is in the cell above.


        Instead of copying a formula to a range of cells by using the fill-handle (bottom-right corner of the active cell), one can speed it up even further by double-clicking on the cell corner instead.

        The trick works for formulas, auto-fills (numbers, dates, etc) as long as the adjacent column has data.

        MOVE & SHUFFLE

        Easily move the contents of a cell or range by selecting the cell (or range), then clicking on the border of the selection (on the 4-sided arrow cursor) and dragging it to another position. One could also right-click and drag for more options.

        To copy the contents, use the Ctrl key when you drag the cell border.

        Using the Shift key will allow you to insert the contents in between other data. One can swop entire columns this way.


        Struggling to implement these tips? Please feel free to book a session with me.

        My email address is email@tiamari.com

        Happy Clicking!

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