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        18 Feb 2015, 3:09 pm

        Bear Power (Issue 56) by Tiamari

        They just ate their broccoli, carrots and cauliflower. But don’t tell them!

        Let’s face it. Kids go for taste, not nutritional value. Even if you could disguise a carrot to look like an Ice Lolly, you won’t fool Spiderman and Tinkerbell.

        Fruits and vegetables contribute a host of beneficial nutrients and other food components, such as phytochemicals and fiber, to your diet. A lack of these can result in significant health consequences, even scurvy!

        So unless you somehow take charge of your children’s nutritional needs, all kinds of problems will start to surface.

        Why your kids won’t eat vegetables

        There's a good reason why we prefer sweet tastes. Some sour or bitter substances are poisonous or inedible but very few sweet tasting things are. Hundreds of thousands of years ago our prehistoric ancestors who ate sour or bitter things were more likely to perish, those who ate only sweet things were more likely to survive. Liking sweet tastes was a survival mechanism that has been passed down to us.

        What can I do to make them eat their veggies?

        Don't let vegetables, or any healthy eating become a battleground. Instead of getting frustrated, recognize that there are good reasons why your child might be reluctant to accept new foods.

        If you are persistent and set a good example, it's likely that eventually they will try a little. Start with sweeter vegetables like peas or carrots, and tone down strong tastes.

        Kids love to help! Let them help cook the meal or even tend to a small veggie garden. Getting involved is a sure fire way to get excited.

        Why Is Broccoli Good for You?

        Moms tell kids to eat their broccoli for a reason - this vegetable really packs a nutritional punch. It is filled with fiber, vitamins and minerals and also provides a number of phytochemicals, making it a disease-fighting super-food.

        What are Phytochemicals?

        Phytochemicals are chemical compounds that occur naturally in plants, and have protective or disease preventive properties.

        They are non-essential nutrients, meaning that they are not required by the human body for sustaining life. Yet Phytochemicals have potent antioxidant and antibacterial properties!

        Unfortunately, Phytochemicals in freshly harvested plant foods may be degraded by storage and processing techniques, including cooking.

        Supplementing their diet

        Modern farming practices have dramatically compromised the nutritional value of many fruits and vegetables.

        Supplementation can provide the body with these missing nutrients. However, many supplements contain synthetic, chemically derived, mined or chelated minerals and vitamins that are not readily absorbed by the body!

        What you need to look for is a supplement that does not contain any synthetic or chemically derived active ingredients. Instead, it should contain vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals that have been absorbed by a plant's roots and stored in its tissue.

        MannaBears, a Chewy, phytonutritional supplement

        A company called Mannatech has obtained exclusive rights to a patented, hydroponic cultivation technology that allows plants to absorb significantly greater quantities of minerals.

        New MannaBears® are Mannatech’s latest product innovation for young people. These colorful, chewy supplements in a gummibear shape are sweetened with natural cane juice crystals and tapioca syrup for a unique glyconutritional snack that young people will come back for again and again.

        MannaBears® provide the nutritional goodness of ten different dehydrated fruits and vegetables, including pomegranate powder, which is recognized as an excellent antioxidant.

        • Delivers glyconutrients (supports cell communication)
        • Includes nutrients with antioxidant support (protects against oxidative stress)
        • Contains vitamins and phytochemicals (disease-fighting abilities)
        • Provides dietary fiber, gums and complex carbohydrates (supports probiotic bacteria for a healthy immune system)

        Did you know?

        While you care for your children with nutritional MannaBears, orphans around the world benefit too! Ask me how – tiamari.com@gmail.com

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