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        18 Feb 2015, 2:44 pm

        Why is my screen upside down? (Issue 55) by Tiamari

        One day, during an Excel lecture, a student asked me about a shortcut which I was sure I knew before, but forgotten. So I pressed some random shortcuts on my keyboard to quickly try and find the correct sequence. I had a room full of students looking at the projector screen in anticipation.

        Suddenly my monitor screen was “upside down”. I realized that it was caused by a shortcut, but… WHICH ONE? My hands hovered over the keyboard… which keys did I press? I tried the same key strokes again… NOTHING! My brain went into overdrive momentarily, and I was sure there was smoke coming out of my ears.

        I did find the correct shortcut after a few more tries, but incidentally, the key command for setting the screen orientation back to normal is NOT the same as the one that magically rotate your monitor screen 180 degrees.

        The next time you are on a desktop computer, go try this! But do keep in mind that this key only works with computers with Intel graphics chipsets. Press and hold the Ctrl and the Alt keys and then click on the Down Arrow. The Left and Right Arrows will rotate it 90 degrees. To restore the orientation to normal, use Ctrl+Alt+Up-Arrow.

        Now wouldn’t it be fun to mess around with a colleague’s computer when he/she ain’t looking?

        One particularly handy Windows shortcut is the Windows Key together with the Up or Down arrows. These are used to maximise or minimise a window.

        There are loads of shortcuts for Windows, MS Office, FireFox… there are even shortcuts for use with Gmail! Just Google it, or have a look at my collection of favourite lists here:

        List of Favourite Shortcuts

        Happy clicking!

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