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        14 Apr 2014, 3:07 pm

        Windows 8 - Arghhhh! by Tiamari

        Untitled Document It has now been exactly 40 mins and the program is still open and NOT responding.

        I am typing this on my desktop to give W.8 on my laptop a chance to figure out what to do with the unresponsive program…. And to try and calm myself cause I am ready to throw the laptop off the balcony.

        I made the silly mistake of opening 6 Publisher files at once and overwhelmed Windows 8 a little.

        It then refused to open 4 of the 6 files, and left the other 2 hanging.

        I pressed Ctrl + Alt + Delete to do an End Task from the Task Manager but the Task Manager window STILL has not opened yet.

        In the meantime Windows was so kind to tell me that the program is not responding, which of course I actually did notice. That is why I am trying to open the Task Manager! Do I want to end it? I clicked YES. And to my amazement some process started… with a message that Windows is trying to find a solution to my problem. I figured that I already had the solution. I just want to end the task! So I cancelled. That started an “attempt to recover your information” sequence that I didn’t want either!

        There! I see the Task Manager finally opened. Alas… too late as the offensive program has now already been closed by the very helpful W.8 OS.

        Let’s see what I can still get done before the whole hour has been completely wasted.

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