17 Nov 2013, 2:37 pm

        Cocky Cockroach by Tiamari

        This morning when I entered the kitchen, I noticed a HUGE daddy cockroach in the semi-empty glass that my friend used for his yoghurt smoothie last night.

        It looked at me and actually smiled! You know, one of those grins that says: "I am having a bath in strawberry yogurt and what do you think you can do about it?"

        And I thought of all the hundreds, maybe thousands, or even trillions (who knows) of little baby cockroaches that this arrogant low-life insect is adding to an already overcrowded planet on a daily basis… and I had a shuddering thought of all those little creatures having breakfast, lunch and supper at MY place!

        I decided that I may not be able to eliminate all of his offspring, but the daddy is gonna die for sure.

        Now you may ask how I knew it was a daddy roach. Well… he had that male attitude written all over his face. No, really! I could see from the look in his beady eyes that he was a chauvinistic male. Most definitely! No doubt about it. OK! OK! Look, I didn'’t want to tell you this, but he actually flashed his dick at me! Now you know! That’'s how I knew he was a daddy roach.

        Anyway…, I took out some industrial cleaning liquid and added a generous portion to the glass. And then I watched the bastard die. He gave a few big gulps. His eyes had that surprised look that you might see on a guy in the movies, right after Chuck Norris kicked him in the balls, and just before he falls over backwards from a tall building. After that Mr. Roach promptly died.

        And would you believe it -– I actually felt sorry for the poor little bug!

        (written by Tiamari)

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