13 Nov 2013, 4:14 pm

        Shopping Blues by Tiamari

        Well... I always complain that I don't know what to buy for the house. My mom has this typical question when she comes into my little office room. She asks "what are we eating tonight?" And I just HATE that question, for many reasons - firstly I don't bother too much about eating unless I'm really hungry. I am also permanently (like all women) worried that I eat too much. Also, I hate having to leave the computer when I am busy with something, especially if it’s complicated and I am in the middle of solving a technical problem. And of course I don't like the kind of food that they like, so I can’t answer the way I would like to answer. Not to mention the fact that I can’t stand being in the kitchen/living room area cause they put the TV so loud!

        Of course the most irritating about the question, is the fact that my mom doesn't mean it as a question. She has this habit of using questions so as not to offend. What she actually means, but don't say, is: "You've been hiding in this office the whole day, doing absolutely nothing, while we (your poor neglected parents) had to sit downstairs in the living area, watching boring soapies on TV all day, having to live on whatever we could find in the fridge, and drinking coffee every half hour to stop the hunger pains, and now your father and I are almost too fragile to hold a cup, and you better get your ass down to the kitchen to prepare something decent, cruel daughter!"

        Or perhaps she doesn't mean that, I guess I'll never find out!

        Anyway, I never know what to make for supper, and they don't like anything "strange" or exotic, so I always moan about having to decide what to make for supper.

        That's why I decided to take my mom with me to the Supermarket today. I figured that she could help me get some stuff and take some of the pressure off me.

        What a mission it was!

        Well.... firstly she moves so slow that I almost freaked! And she seems to think I've just won the lotto! Not only that, but she doesn't really say anything - She keeps asking questions!!!!!!

        She would ask me: "Should we get butter?" or "Did you get coffee?" or "Do you really think one packet of that will be enough?" or "Do we need mayonnaise?" or "Which brand of insect killer do you have there?"

        What she really means is: "We are at the butter fridge - lets take some" and "Let’s not forget to buy coffee" and "Remember that your brothers family will be here too - better get two packets" and "I like potato salad - let’s get some mayonnaise" and "I don't think this stuff will kill the insects DEAD - buy that one that really smells like poison!" You see what I mean? My mother talks in riddles. She hints and stares at stuff, instead of saying what she wants. It isn't helping.

        Eventually I left her analyzing a box of breakfast cereal while I ran around the shop, getting whatever we needed.

        Oh baby! Save me from my mother!

        Hey, it’'s not REALLY so bad - especially now that I am safely back home and in front of my beloved computer!! :)

        (written by Tiamari)

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