13 Nov 2013, 3:41 pm

        Petition mail sucks! by Tiamari

        The world is a cruel place but I like it!

        How many emails do u get telling you about the horrors in this country and other obscure, often unheard of places? These emails usually start with some gory details of a crime or a series of crimes against humanity or animals, and then it moves into an emotional propaganda bit to stir up the readers’ anxiety levels even more, much to the point of actually feeling guilty of these crimes themselves!

        At the bottom of the mailing you will invariably find the petition list where you are requested to add your name and send it on to all the people in your mailbox.

        Do these mails ever reach their final destination?

        What are we achieving?

        Does the government really care how many of us hate crime?

        Does the government actually LIKE crime, and simply refuse to put a stop to it unless it gets a mailbox full of complaints? I don’t think so!

        So what then, dear reader, is the purpose of these emails? (Other than wasting my bandwidth, filling up my inbox, wasting my time, and making me feel depressed about something I have absolutely no control over?)

        Can someone please tell me!

        (written by Tiamari)

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