13 Nov 2013, 4:01 pm

        Long distance relationships are normal too by Tiamari

        What is the difference between a relationship and a long distance relationship?

        Why do people look at me funny when I mention that my guy lives on another continent?

        Is it a really bad thing not to have sex regularly?

        These are the questions that I have to ask myself daily!

        When other women have fights with their boyfriends, they get advice like “Yeah… men: hard to live with, hard to live without. Don’t worry – things will be better next week”

        When I dare to mention an argument with my man, I get advice like “Just give it up girl. He will never marry you.” Or “You don’t know what he does when he is not with you, you know!”

        Other men come home and park themselves in front of the TV. My man comes home and makes an expensive call to me so I can tell him about my day. On weekends we spend hours online talking about both important issues as well as trivial stuff, declaring our undying love on occasion, and sometimes having a fat argument when we disagree on something.

        I don’t go home wondering what I am going to cook for the “family” (when I am not particularly hungry myself) and he doesn’t go home wondering if I will be upset if he watches the big soccer match on TV till the early hours of morning. He can go out with his friends whenever he wants and I can fiddle on the computer whenever I feel like it. We make appointments to chat and we schedule visits to see each other.

        Neither of us has to deal with overbearing in-laws or irritating pets on a regular basis.

        Now what exactly is wrong with that?

        (written by Tiamari)


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