13 Nov 2013, 11:30 pm

        He says, She says by Tiamari

        He said: “So what if I got pissed off with you for nothing?“ And he said: “What’s the big deal if you’re a bit sad!”.

        A strange numbness came over me. I had the sensation of being zapped with a stun gun, vibrating slightly… I stared at the screen until, after several long moments, the feeling passed.

        I said: “Goodnight”.

        I saved the chat so that I could read it again the next day and remember why I hate him so. Then I shut down the computer and started the long slow process of shutting down my feelings.

        Nonchalantly I got up from my chair, laughing out aloud. Who is this idiot who claims to care for me, yet act so uncaringly and thinks he can get away with it?

        It was time for a cup of coffee! Strong and sweet (I desperately needed something sweet). As I waited for the water to boil, I burst into tears and fell to the floor in a miserable heap of bitter broken-heartedness.

        (written by Tiamari)


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