26 Apr 2018, 4:13 pm

        Sunrise Parkrun 5 Years Celebration (Issue 74) by Tiamari

        It’s party time in parkrun world!

        In addition to the usual “cake after parkrun” tradition, we recently celebrated 5 years of parkrunning at our Sunrise-on-Sea venue. This awesome local route drew more than 300 keen parkrun-addicts on our special day. Here is what some of them are saying about parkrun, and what it has done for them.

        Hannelie Jordaan

        I did my first parkrun on 18 February last year (2017). After nearly a year I am hooked. A seasoned parkrunner and friend of mine walked the first one with me at 3 Silos. With this beautiful environment and relaxed atmosphere I found myself returning at every possible opportunity. The photos and statistical feedback contributes as motivation to continue and improve every time. Health benefits, new friendships and shared interests are but some of the great outcomes that parkrun provides. From doing no sport for many years to planning my weekends around parkruns has been a life changing experience to me.

        Estelle Burley

        I started parkrun at Sunrise-on-Sea in March 2013. It turned out to be a good addiction and hobby. I've also made very good friends during this time. I'm not in competition with anyone but myself and I'm mainly doing it for enjoyment.

        Annette Meyer

        I joined the Parkrun at Nahoon point. At first I could hardly believe that I was trying to attempt running 5km, which I must admit started off more walking than running. The friendliness and encouragement of fellow parkrunners made me an eager participant. Everyone is welcome and no matter which parkrun you attend you are made to feel part of the "family". This is an awesome way of competing and challenging yourself in a fun filled healthy way. Meeting wonderful people that enrich your life... and you always feel so positive after having completed another run. Keep running!

        Tiamari Taljaard

        Not only did parkrun get me off the couch, but it also inspired me to push my limits with longer runs. However, it is the friendships that are the most precious to me. Being in a fitness environment had an enormous positive impact on me.

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