2 Jun 2017, 9:54 am

        Think Fit by Tiamari

        Here I am… 233 parkruns later, and I feel fat and out of shape.

        I almost got anorexic after the first 50 runs, but then the weight slowly crept back as my body adjusted. Or perhaps it was due to me swopping my midweek runs with midweek walks. My eating habits definitely got worse. I also started skipping my daily weight exercises, and eventually didn’t do any at all.

        Easter Eggs became my favourite food, and I spend way too much time on Facebook.

        My favourite jeans are too tight for comfort and I see a muffin-top peeping out.

        I used to run up the stairs at work. I used to walk tall – shoulders back and tummy in. What’s with this slumping lately!!!

        I see my running friends go off to do the Comrades on Sunday, and I remember how I used to sign up for 10km and 15km runs, even if I thought it would kill me.

        So yes, this morning I felt unfit, fat, and very much out of shape.

        But how bad is it really?

        · I weigh the same as I did when I started parkrunning. After so many parkruns, even if I walked some of them, there is a good chance that my fat/weight ratio would be somewhat better than it was before my parkrun days.

        · I walk every evening except parkrun day. My walking partner and I meet after work and do a very brisk walk for about an hour.

        · I am still holding the South African parkrun record for consecutive runs, meaning… I still do parkrun.

        So that got me thinking….

        You know… there are two kinds of people.

        · People who are fitness minded

        · People who are NOT fitness minded

        So let’s get this straight. I may be a bit unfit, and definitely a bit out of shape.

        BUT I am STILL part of the FITNESS MINDED group.

        I am still TRYING.


        Chin up! Shoulders back! Tummy in!

        Today we will walk tall. Cause we are parkrunners!

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