16 May 2017, 1:11 pm

        It is the BIG 50 by Tiamari

        Time for an update!

        This Saturday is the BIG 50. The Sunrise-on-Sea Parkrun venue is doing its 50th event, and I will be doing my 50th as well.

        It's been an awesome year, and Parkrun is now so much a part of my life that there is absolutely no debate about whether to get up and run on a Saturday, or whether to sleep in.

        Some days I literally haven't slept at all the previous night, but even on those days I had fun crossing the old familiar finishing line with Chinelle shouting out my time while I get my barcode scanned. I almost always forget to check my position - always more concerned about my time - always chasing that PB.

        For 10 weeks I just couldn't catch my previous PB of 33.17, but finally, last Saturday, I beat it by one whole second, bringing it down to 33.16, causing me to float on a fluffy cloud for the rest of the day.

        On Monday I got a surprise call from Bruce Fordyce, who absolutely made my day!

        Parkrun got me in a better physical shape, makes me feel special, and is a great stress reliever. It is a very enjoyable social event too. If you're not yet part of this fun "happening", you are simply missing out!

        Remember to get some Magic Dust for endurance assistance - it also helps you burn energy even after you stop exercising!

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