16 May 2017, 1:03 pm

        The Start of My Journey by Tiamari

        Before January I was not a runner. Most of my life was spent "couching" or in front of a computer.

        I did attempt walking the Surfers marathon twice, but that was about 6 years ago... and it almost killed me! I never got my Surfers T-shirt cause I didn't finish within the time limit.

        A few months ago I started "jogging" with my son, Sean who literally dragged me out of the house and endured complaining and cursing all the way around the block. I was eventually sortof able to do about 2km of mostly walking with him and hated it with a passion, but I was desperate to get my legs back in shape, or at least not flapping all over the place...

        I started parkrunning (yes, it is a word!) on the 5th of January 2013. The Sunrise-on-Sea parkrun course was "tested" on that awesome day and I was there to do the trial run.

        On the following Saturday Bruce Fordyce joined us for the official opening and I was pictured with him as I was the 100th runner (I was walking most of the way) to cross the finishing line. It was the start of an addiction that caused me to do 37 consecutive runs to date. My aim is to do 50 consecutive runs at one Parkrun venue and set a record.

        My first official Parkrun time was 47.42 and I've managed to bring it down to a personal best of 33.54 over a period of 8 months. I've lost 7kg and I feel GREAT!

        I now run about 7km twice a week, and of course the Parkrun on a Saturday, which is 5km.

        I recently started using an energy and endurance supplement called EM-PACT which really gives me that "second wind" (more info under Nutrition in Business).

        Parkrun is an awesome event, a social get-together between a group of like minded people where we compare PB's (Personal Best times) and discuss the weather conditions and the way the tide affected the beach and we laugh and hug and drink coffee.

        Recently I slipped on a wet rock on the beach part... I got up and kept going with blood dripping from my elbow and scrapes and bruises on several other parts and still made PB! I felt almost as hardcore as the day that we waded through knee deep water when we "ran" through Horman's gully!

        Parkrun is life changing. I will recommend it to anyone who wants to get off the couch and start walking in an environment where nobody is judging you for not being a runner. Grannies and kids are doing it. I am doing it! If I can do it, so can YOU!

        Get addicted THIS SATURDAY!

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