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        19 May 2014, 9:25 pm

        The Story of Mannatech by Tiamari

        The following article by Wellness Billionaire tells the Story of Mannatech:

        Mannatech’s patented glyconutrient complex is perhaps the greatest wellness discovery in the last 50 or 100 years, in the opinion of this humble author.

        Here’s why…

        The story of Ambrotose, sometimes misspelled ambertose, begins with Aloe Vera. In the 1980′s, Dr. Bill McAnalley, a young research pharmacologist, was determined to identify the active component in Aloe Vera. After many years he discovered the functional component in Aloe Vera that is responsible for its health-promoting properties. To his surprise, the active ingredient was a carbohydrate with many mannose sugar molecules attached together.

        He found that Aloe products were not effective unless the active carbohydrate molecule had been stabilized, and he developed a special, patented process to maintain that effectiveness. Today that substance is protected by over 100 patents in numerous countries. The dietary supplement form was named Manapol. At the time of this writing Mannatech had just acquired all rights to Mannapol and its patents.

        The positive feedback from the extensive use of Manapol was overwhelming. Further investigation revealed that whenever two or more living cells interact in a specific way, cell surface carbohydrates were involved. These cell surface codes told every other cell who they are, what they do, and whether or not they were healthy, and the alphabet for that communication was made up of carbohydrates. This code system is basic to human life today, but at that time was essentially unknown.

        In 1996, an edition of Harper’s Biochemistry identified eight essential carbohydrates necessary for the creation of cellular words. When Dr. McAnalley saw that mannose, the carbohydrate in Manapol, was listed as one of those eight essential carbohydrates, it all started to make sense. He realized that the proper cellular words, “glycoproteins” were essential for the the body’s genetic code, or human blueprint, and that proper cell-to-cell communication could have a crucial role in literally every health issue on the planet.

        Since only two of the eight carbohydrates identified in Harper’s Biochemistry were found in even an extremely healthy modern diet, McAnalley decided to find good plant sources of all essential carbohydrates associated with cell-to-cell communication (including Manapol) and combined them into one single dietary supplement – Ambrotose Complex.

        These nutrients are called glyconutritients. McAnalley called his new product “Ambrotose” because the Greek word, ambrosia, means “nectar of the immortals.” He added the “e” at the end of the word because in chemistry, a substance that is a sugar ends in “ose.” These carbohydrates were actually sugars, though not in the normal sense you and I think of sugar.

        In his early days of discovering the effectiveness of carbohydrates in immune support, McAnalley was often laughed at…to think that carbohydrates played such an important role in optimal / optimum health was ridiculous…or so many health professional thought. Today, however, the importance of carbohydrates is well established, and research in the field of glycobiology is accelerating at a torrid pace. In fact, today the field of Glycobiology and the importance of carbohydrate technology has been written about in hundreds of scientific journals around the world.

        The cover of a recent issue of Science Magazine shows a picture of carbohydrates on the surface of a cell, and contains a section of articles on Carbohydrates and Glycobiology, including one piece entitled “Saving Lives with Sugar.” One page in particular proudly displays the structures and names of…”eight sugars”…the eight saccharides already available in Ambrotose.

        The most exciting part of the story is what so many people around the world believe Ambrotose Complex is doing for them. Apparently, millions believe this “nectar of the the immortals” is something pretty special.

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