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150 million people take a vitamin/mineral supplement. 95% of all vitamin and mineral supplements sold are synthetic. If you knew your nutritional supplements were made of rocks and petroleum… Would you switch to one sourced from real foods?

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        3 May 2014, 5:44 pm

        Why Mannatech? by Tiamari

        What is This?

        It's FOOD. No, it's VITAMINS. NO! It's MANNATECH!
        It's stuff you literally CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT!

        Our Intelligent Supplementation philosophy -

        Our researchers and scientists ask the question: What does a body need for optimal health?

        Then we search the world for the best ingredients. Our goal is making products that will help maintain optimal health at the cellular level, thus improving your quality of life.

        Want to begin living life to the fullest? Reduce stress, gain energy and feel and look your best? Give your body what it needs. Give it Mannatech.

        (quoted from official Mannatech website)

        FEEL good. LOOK good.

        Read the testimonies. Then ask yourself: "Can I really afford to NOT be taking these products?"

        Benefits of Ambrotose

        Taken from the official Mannatech website.


        If we had to pick just one word that captures the quintessential benefit of Ambrotose® products, that word would be “communication.”

        Why is communication important when it comes to nutrition? That’s a good question. In the same way that communication is foundational to healthy relationships, healthy work environments and healthy families, so it is with our bodies. When the organs, tissues, cells and everything else that makes up our bodies are well-nourished and on the same page, good things happen. Really good things.

        Most of us literally just skim the surface when it comes to how we take care of our bodies. As long as we feel pretty good and look our best, we may think we’re okay. But there could be a foundational problem that may not be apparent yet. And often when it does become apparent, we tend to concentrate on diminishing the symptoms while the foundational issues still remain. Ambrotose products uniquely deliver nutrition at the cellular level. Considering your body is made up of 50 to 60 trillion cells, that’s a big deal. From healthy cells come healthy tissues, healthy organs, healthy bodies.

        By delivering the specific nutrients your cells need, Ambrotose products help enhance communication throughout all your body’s processes. Your cells are better able to protect themselves from foreign invaders, and they interact with one another much more quickly and clearly when they are properly nourished. Such clarity and streamlined interactions provide a foundation for a healthy body and promote optimal functioning in three key areas:

        Immune Support

        As you can imagine, healthy cells can lead to a healthier you.

        Ambrotose products have been shown to:

        - Increase immune support
        - Enhance your body’s performance
        - Support proper organ function
        - Memory, Mood and Focus

        A third-party, clinical study1 shows that Ambrotose powders:

        - Enhance brainwave frequencies
        - Improve mental reaction time
        - Enhance concentration and improve memory
        - Decrease irritability and improve mood
        - Digestive Function

        Scientists tell us that more than 70% of the immune system is within our digestive tracts. Ambrotose products have been shown to (1) Promote GI health by providing plant-sourced polysaccharides to help supplement your diet with the missing glyconutrients it needs to function at it’s best, (2) Exert prebiotic effects by stimulating the growth of good gut bacteria and (3) Be a good source of dietary fiber.

        (Benefits vary by product.)

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